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3 channel midi tube preamp

The long awaited Valvulator GP3 guitar preamp is NOW SHIPPING! The first production units have already been delivered and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. This is a vacuum tube, two space, rack mount, Very Low Power Guitar Amplifier featuring 3 Fully Independent Channels, each with separate sets of tone controls, Six-Band Graphic EQ, low-level Pedal Effects Loop/Aux/Tuner Send, Cabinet Simulator/Recording Output, Amp/Live Output, standard quarter inch phone and Balanced XLR outputs, Remote Device Switching, and MIDI control of Channel switching, EQ, Effects Loop, Remote Device Switching and global tone shaping pushbuttons (Brite, Edge, Fat, Boost and EQ). Five Selected 12AX7 preamp tubes are used in the gain and tone shaping stages, and one 12AX7 tube is employed in the low impedance, low power output stage. Many years of intense effort have gone into every aspect of the design of this groundbreaking new product from the stacked grained aluminum front panels with matching machined knobs to the proprietary output circuitry which precisely emulates the behavior of a cranked low power amplifier. In stock !


Ampli de puissance 2x50w

Three years in the making, the small-but-mighty Two/Fifty/Two is an affordable dual 50-watt sweetheart that features a pair of premium EL34 power tubes in each channel. Its spacious well-ventilated chassis provides maximum air flow to the diagonally mounted power tubes. The fan even switches automatically to high speed when Class A mode is engaged to ensure reliable performance under demanding conditions. Note the dual 6L6/EL34 switches on the power tube mounting bracket. With its variable damping, voicing and presence controls, and Class A mode, there´s simply nothing comparable to this amazing piece of pro-quality gear. Players and recording engineers tell us this is the best-sounding power amp ever made.


2x98 w power amp

We built VHT on the reputation of our outstanding instrument amplifier designs. When we announced the release of two new compact power amps, the response was immediate and enthusiastic. Introduced only two years ago, the Two/Ninety/Two power amp has proven itself to be the standard for tube power performance in its size and class. With 90-plus watts per channel in two rack spaces, it utilizes the same circuit design as the Twenty One Fifty power amp in a compact and lightweight (for a tube amp) package. Don´t let its size fool you. This little monster packs a punch. With a pair of KT88 power tubes per channel (interchangeable with 6550s) you'll hear wide open, dynamic delivery, powerfull bottom-end response and not a hint of tubbiness or mush.


Tube Buffer + pedals power supply

How to wake up your effects chain ! Download the VHT Valvulator I Manual, PDF format
Download the VHT Signal Loss Diagram, PDF format

Tips, Availability, Hotline: (33) 676 877 860, 7/7 from 8:30 AM to 9 PM !
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