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For home and project studio recording

Studio quality headphones with improved response and 55 ohms rated impedance. The new XXL speakers with Varimotion diaphragms provide higher sensitivity for a wider dynamic range and a more powerful sound. This semi-open design with a plugin cable delivers powerful bass and sparkling highs at a very attractive price/performance ratio. Also connects to portable equipment (CD players, DAT recorders, notebook computers, etc.)


Supraaural earphones, zero-pressure comfort

The latest addition to the Professional Studio line from AKG is called the K 171 Studio. Designed specifically for monitoring audio sources in noisy environments, these headphones combine the benefits of a closedback design and the comfort of supraaural earphones. The K 171 Studio are light, extremely rugged, and easy-to-use headphones you can wear in many different ways. Providing high noise attenuation and a powerful sound, they are as loud and convenient as DJs like them. The K 171 Studio will be a very good choice for DJ and broadcast use as well as any applications where no sound must leak from the headphones (e.g., TV productions).


55 ohms impedance, plug-in cable

The Studio version of these classic hi-fi stereo headphones uses XXL speakers with Varimotion diaphragms for higher sensitivity, a wider dynamic range, and higher sound levels. Other features include semi-open earphones, a solid bass range, clear highs, and excellent comfort. Also connects to portable equipment (CD players, DAT recorders, notebook computers, etc.)


For onstage and studio use

The extremely popular K 270 Studio have unfailingly proven to be a reliable tool over the years. The new K 271 Studio, while providing the same performance as the K 270 Studio, is much lighter and easier to use, and still provides a natural, pristine sound. The closed-back, circumaural earphones provide maximum attenuation of high ambient noise. The K 271 Studio are also ideal for all applications where no sound must leak from the headphones. The headphones switch off automatically when taken off. Since this feature prevents headphone signals from spilling over into an open microphone it is highly appreciated by recording studio, live sound, TV sound, and broadcast engineers.


Well-balanced sound, suited for all styles of music

These all-round headphones use a new diaphragm design that eliminates unwanted partial oscillations. The result is improved response throughout the audio band for a more spacious, airy sound with a powerful low end. The selfadjusting leather headband provides a perfect fit. In the K 301, the oscillatory behavior of the diaphragm has been completely redesigned, with high internal attenuation suppressing unwanted partial oscillations. This has been made possible by a very finely structured diaphragm sound zone. Lovers of any style of music will enjoy the K 301´s balanced tonal response.


Specifically suited for modern styles of music

The K 401 provide everything rock and pop music fans want to hear: tight, powerful bass; crystal-clear sound quality; and impressive power. Varimotion System technology enhances low frequency performance, resulting in a powerful overall sound. An impressive, finely balanced sound, excellent comfort, and a convenient single cable add up to a very good choice for discriminating users.


Hi-fi reference headphones

The K 501 are "concert hall headphones" for lovers of classical music and for purists. Patented Varimotion diaphragms from AKG provide a high-resolution sound with pinpoint imaging.

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