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All tube reverb

New product, not displayed yet at the Soldano website! 2 space rack, the ultimate reverb. Available as a rack or a head (optional head cab must be ordered separately)


Tube Distorsion Pedal

The Supercharger GTO is an all tube overdrive pedal which incorporates the same circuitry used in our legendary 100w Super Lead Overdrive. It is essentially the overdrive preamp section of the SLO in a pedal. This ruggedly built device is very flexible and can be used both as line driver and an overdrive pedal. It has three easy to use controls: Gain, Tone and Output. You can set the gain low and the output high to cleanly overdrive the input of your amp; or set the gain high and the output low to get massive sustain at very low volumes, or any combination in between. The Tone control is useful for accomodating the overall brightness of the amp you are using this pedal with, as well as for adjusting tone when connecting the Supercharger to a PA or a recording console. The Supercharger GTO plugs directly into a wall outlet and runs its two 12AX7 tubes at full amp voltages, for a real tube sound. Additionally, it uses a relay for switching, providing an actual ´harwire bypass', so that it doesn't color your sound when you have it switched out. If you are looking for true Hi-performance in an overdrive pedal, ignore the rest and go for the best - Supercharger GTO! Download the MP3 demo: - Demo> 984 KB In stock ! (and it really delivers, man!)


3 channel rack preamp, custom order only.

The famous 3 channel Soldano preamp. Each channel has its own gain, bass, middle, treble and volume controls. Crunch and Clean also have separate bright switches. 3 jack inputs on the rear panel for channel switching. No effects loop. This preamp is very sensitive, it reacts very much to different pickups and volume settings on the guitar. Clean: very Fenderish with the bright switch engaged, "glassy" highs and lots of Gilmour-tones. With the bright switch disengagend, it can easily dial in more jazzy tones. This channel stays clean but can get a nice country edge when wanted. Crunch: instant Marshall Plexi, "spongy" in the low notes. Classic blues tone, very warm, and the lows can be "thundery" when the bright switch is disengaged. With the bright switch engaged, AC/DC tones are easily obtained, and the volume control on the guitar cleans everything up nicely without loosing its original tone. This channel can also be used as a lead channel sound, never thi or harsh. Lead: Well, it´s a Soldano! In yer face higain, never muddy. All the notes stay separated, even when stroking complex chords. Full of harmonics and rich tones, with a fat responsive bottom THREE GREAT TONES ! Optional X88R foot controller available.


3 channel motorized midi preamp, call for pricing and availability.

The X99 is a two rackspace, three channel midi controllable preamp. It has the same tone and circuitry of the 100W Super Lead Overdrice (SLO-100) in preamp form. The Clean ans Crunch channels use the SLO´s normal channel circuit, and the Overdrive channel is the SLO overdrive circuit. Tha audio pathway is all tube, all analog circuitry - just like all of our products. It utilizes five 12AX7 to create the definitive Soldano sound. The midi section was designed by Tim Caswell and is built exclusively for us by his company, Studio Electronics. It permits channel selection and tone and volumpe settings to be saved, and then recalled using a midi controller, as well as other midi devices. Standard midi in, thru and out jacks are provided on the back panel for making these connections. As with all Soldano products, the X99 is extremely easy to operate. It has ordinary knobs for the preamp gain, ouput volume, and bass, middle and treble tone controls. Three illuminated push buttons control channel selection. A fourth button serves as a "bright" switch for whichever channel is selected. You use these just as you would on any amp. In fact, if you like, you can use the X99 by itself, without midi. To take advantage of the midi functionaly of the X99, simply dial in a sound, assign a preset number and press the save button to store settings on the X99's memory. When your midi controller calls up a preset, the X99 will switch itself to the selected channel and powerful electric motors will whip the knobs around to the exact place you had them for that preset. All of this happens in mere milliseconds. You can also recall your presets using buttons on the X99 itself. The X99 is capable of storing 128 presets and sends and receives midi data on any of the 16 midi channels or in omni mode. And, unlike most midi controlled preamps which allow only a dozen or so different steps in volume and tone settings, the X99 has 128 steps for each control, permitting much finer adjustment. The X99 also has the unique capability of allowing you to use lidi pedals (continuous controllers) to rotate its controls in real-time.

Tips, Availability, Hotline: (33) 676 877 860, 7/7 from 8:30 AM to 9 PM !
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