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45w 2 channel + boost combo 1x12"

Country, Jazz and Blues styles all share common roots and express a purity of form that demands a special kind of amplifier. So when we set out to design an amp for traditional players, we knew we would have to do more than hang a "Blues" tag or stick a nifty new switch onto an existing design. It would take ingenuity and uncommon commitment. With that philosophy in mind (and unrelenting input from local players with the ears and chops to back it up), we went to work. The result is an amp that was deemed to be an outstanding contender in Guitar Player Magazine´s 22 Amp Combo Shoot-out: "The VHT Pittbull¨ Forty-Five easily gobbled the middle zone gold. This pint-sized predator's gnarly and inspired blues-rock tones simply chewed up most of its competition -- including some in the top-buck category." With its Tube Rectifier, meticulously dialed head room, and lush reverb, the Forty-Five does equal justice to stock single coil pickups as well as vintage humbuckers. This year we've added Class A mode (even though most players were convinced it was Class A already). The effects loop now features series or parallel modes, mix control and footswitchable bypass. Our new full-featured footswitch has been designed for greater flexibility and is simple to operate. This is the amp that will make you fall in love with playing all over again.



30 w 1x12" 2 channel + boost combo, Limited Edition: 1 pc only for France!

The new Special Edition PITTBULL SUPER THIRTY 1x12 combo features a quartet of Class A operated EL84 matched power tubes in a simple yet sophisticated power configuration that automatically adjusts the amount of speaker damping when changing channels. Two independent channels deliver warm, sparkling clean tones and savory overdrive with separate tone controls for each, complemented by a fully tube driven three-spring Accutronics Reverb. Additional features include a Series/Parallel FX loop Line Out, footswitchable boost for each channel, and a 75-watt 12-inch special design PITTBULL P75E speaker. Only 200 of this model will be produced by special arrangement with selected dealers. Footswitch included.


50w 2 channel + boost 2x12" combo

The Fifty/ST is an all-around gigging and recording amp with personality to spare. With a variety of speaker configurations, the Pittbull Fifty has been newly designed and freshly rebord for ´98. The series now features a big punchy-sounding EL34 power section including Class A mode, series/parallel footswitchable effects loop and tube rectifier operation. Like the Fifty/CL, 6L6 power tube operation is available at the flick of a switch.
"Between guitar level changes, boost, and channel switching, you can clock in anywhere from crystalline purity to bruising distortion. And my God, what distortion!" -- Joe Gore, Guitar Player Magazine
Most people are amazed when they hear the big, rich voice emanating from this compact, no-nonsense performer. Especially drummers. "The Pittbull crams a huge array of tones and frightening big amp muscle into a small, sensibly priced package." -- Guitar Player Magazine


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