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Wireless surround system with integrated Dolby Surround Pro-Logic decoder

In addition to the Dolby Surround Pro-Logic decoder, the new HEARO 777 QUADRA features the new LOGIC7 decoder. The HEARO 777 QUADRA can process signals from any analog or digital source to provide surround sound from up to eight virtual loudspeakers. These decoders in conjunction with IVA processing developed by AKG provide a natural, extremely spacious headphone sound. You can select one of four modes: "STEREO" for conventional stereo reproduction with a powerful sound; "IVA STEREO" for a natural stereo perspective equivalent to loudspeaker listening; "PRO-LOGIC + IVA" for authentic surround sound from five simulated loudspeakers; and "LOGIC7 + IVA" for 3-D sound from up to eight simulated loudspeakers. The HEARO 777 QUADRA DELUXE is identical to the HEARO 777 QUADRA except for a stylish, transparent Lexan transmitter case and velour ear pads on the headphones. Extra headset: 122 €.


Digital wireless surround system

Wireless surround headphones with noise-free digital radio link and panorama function. How would you like to listen to a CD of your favorite band and get absolute highend sound quality while mowing the lawn? Digital transmission makes it possible, anywhere within up to 50 m (156 ft.) (under ideal transmission conditions (free field)) from the HEARO 888 TITAN transmitter. This technology provides an extremely wide dynamic range and minimum distortion, perfect sound quality with virtually no noise. The PANORAMA selector lets you choose from three different simulated loudspeaker positions to match the stereo perspective to every type of music, TV, or video programming. Extra headset: 152 €.


Digital wireless headphone system for monitoring use, with Dolby Digital decoder and surround sound

Digital wireless surround headphone system with integrated Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic decoders for wireless surround monitoring. IVA Individual Virtual Acoustics processing developed by AKG provides a natural, spatial sonic perspective through headphones, and seven selectable processing curves let you select the one that best matches your ears. This gives you a choice of surround sound with five simulated speakers, IVA stereo with two simulated speakers in front of you, or conventional stereo mode. Digital signal transmission from the transmitter to the headphones maintains the full dynamic range of the signal and eliminates noise or transmission losses. The output signal is also available on a 1/4" jack for hardwire headphones and on L/R RCA jacks so you can also use the HEARO 999 Audiosphere for surround monitoring through conventional headphones or use VMAx processing for surround sound from a standard pair of stereo speakers. Extra headset: 198 €.

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