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Welcome to Audio Tube Tech, the guitar and tube amp specialist !

Audio Tube Tech has more than 7 years experience in tube amplification and high end guitar gear. And as we like that gorgeaous stuff as much as you, we strongly hope that you'll enjoy!

Caution: For you especially, tone freaks, we can obtain some pieces on special order, some being always in stock:
Reinhold Bogner, born in Germany, lives now in Los Angeles, and frankly, between Germany and Santa Monica Beach, we can understand him! .But fact is, he also builds killer amps, and they reallly delivers ! To be tried urgently, the Ecstasy 100 w head: 3 channel: Twin, Cranked up Plexi and ultra-vitaminic overdrive...

For me, Stevie Fryette makes the very best amps of the planet. And I mean really fat sound...! Be careful eventually, listening at a VHT amp can cause a strong disorder in your wallet and change your banker into an implacable enemy !

Also in the "Crazy Stuff" genre, we have Mike Soldano's amps, direct from Seattle, WA ! And we even have the MP3 demos. Feel free to download...!

Go and check "Bargain of the Week" RIGHT NOW !

We've now included Site Search, a search engine that has received a Five Star rating from ZDNet !

AKG: Headphones
A must-have when seriously talking about headphones!

Chandler Guitars
Paul & Adrian Chandler are premium luthiers in the San Francisco area and crazily mix up the Fender & Gibson concepts. And as they use gorgeous woods and hand-wired pickups, we let you guess the results...l
Limited series Custom Shop at the mass market price, it's up to you to choose between factory series or sur-mesure one-offs...

Digital Music Corp Switching System and Vodoo Lab Effects
The ultimate switching system available: Ground Control Pro + GCX one space rack and you're in !
Voodoo Lab tube preamp and analog pedal effects: Quit "ordinary stuff" level and enter the real pros...

The famous electronic bow for guitar....

EI Amplification Tubes, made in ex-Yugoslavia
Na Zdrovié !

Electro-Harmonix Effects & Guitar Strings
Electro-Harmonix: a mythic name when talking about guitar effects. Mike Matthews, the big boss regularly issues new killer pedals to be tried immediately !

And now, the guitar strings ! You need them now right away....

ProCo Cables
ProCo is with Evidence Audio and Monster Cable one of the best instrument/mic/loudspeaker cables builders worldwide, but a lot cheaper ! Listening tests showed us a result far more superior to middle-range cables, featuring a higher level, a better dynamic and in-space placement, high ends and mediums that restitue all the micro-informations of the signal that are masked by ordinary cables. A real must-have for audiophile musicians ! And just figure this out: better a cable warranted 20 years that sounds than 20 non-sounding cables that will last only one year. And the super cable only costs 3 times more than the shit one...Got it ?

Rolls/RFX Audio Gear
Rolls has been set up by DOD/Digitech founder. So you can imagine this guy knows his job talking about racks and midi processors. We've selected the best products among the plethoric offer of this company based Salt Lake City (UT). But if you like a product that is not displayed on our website, we can also provide it on special order basis...

Soldano Custom Amplification
Mike Soldano, direct from Seattle WA (yeah, where Grunge has started) builds us some monstruous amps played by the greatest guitarists: Gary Moore, Nuno Bettencourt, Eric Clapton, Dave Gilmour, and a lot of others...

Sovtek & Electro-Harmonix Amplification Tubes
Sovtek is the amplification tube world leader. Based in St Petersbourg, Russia, Sovtek builds tubes under its own brand and reserve its best products for the Electro-Harmonix. brand . It's important to note that Sovtek has invested a lot these last years into research and development of new tubes and that the overall quality has increased a lot during this period.

Svetlana Tubes: a high quality Russian manufacturer, Svetlana offers a wide selection of tubes for both hi-end audio and guitar amplification

Philips US Army Tubes.
These American-made New Old Stock tubes are highly coveted for their great sound and reliable performance. Built to stringent military specifications, unused and in the original boxes, our JAN tube selection is second to none. All the most popular tube types are offered along with many harder to find pieces like the 5814A, 6922, 12AT7WC and 6SL7GT. These tubes won't be around forever, so order yours today!

VHT Guitar Amplification
Clearly, VHTbuilts the best amps of the planet. And unfortunately almost the most expensive, too ! But the fact is, if a Rolls Royce would have been the price of a Toyota, I would have a dozen Rolls !
Caution: VHT is only for those who have ears. For the others, go to Marshall's.

You can download some manuals in the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. To read them, you must have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free player. If you don't have it already, just download it here :

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